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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything Harry Potter related. This site is free for everyone. I created this site purely as a way to continue on with the story from my point of view in relation to what I feel happened.  Some of the content is based on research while some others are based on my imagination.  Please disregard any grammar mistakes, this has been written with the intent of pure fun! 


For the rest of the day Ron avoided Hermione at all costs. Hermione, who sensed Ron’s apprehension, ignored him equally. When Mrs.Weasley and Ginny finally arrived back from Diagon Alley Hermione spent a great deal of time in Ginny’s room as they both began to pack. As the week rolled on, Harry too was beginning to pack secretly. He knew where he would be going, but wasn’t quite sure about how he would tell Ron and the rest of the Weasley family. Harry had managed to tell Mr. Weasley however, who assured him that he wouldn’t tell his wife until the day of his departure, Harry was sure that Mrs. Weasley would try to convince him at all cost to stay at the Burrow; She had been extremely protective over Harry all summer. This didn’t bother him however, Harry had considered Mrs. Weasley as the closest thing that he had to a mother. It seemed to become an everyday ritual that she would make suggestions of turning Bill’s old room into a permanent bed room for Harry. Harry appreciated Mrs. Wesley’s kindness but couldn’t imagine burdening her any longer; he would simply smile at her half heartedly as she made these suggestions.


With Ron not speaking to Hermione, the week went by in silence. On the night before the big departure, Mrs. Weasley had made them all a grand supper.  


“I want you two to eat up,” said Mrs. Weasley putting more helpings on Hermione’s and Ginny’s plate. “You have a long day tomorrow,” She added before digging into her apron and turning her attention to Harry. “By the way Harry this came for you today,” said Mrs. Weasley handing Harry a green letter with a purple seal. “I believe it’s from Andromeda Tonks. I do hope that she is fairing well, I can only imagine how she is holding up losing her husband and only daughter.” 


Harry opened up the letter. Inside was a picture of a young baby boy with light blue hair, and pale gray eyes, he was playing with a stuffed animal in the shape of a wolf. Harry watched as the child waved a tinny hand up at Harry. He read the letter quickly. 


Dearest Harry,



I wanted to assure you that Teddy is doing wonderfully. He is so much like Tonks when she was a baby. He has already managed to transfigure his fingers into toes, and back again. I can not express to you how much I enjoy having Teddy in my home. He is such a joy. I am happy to say that he is showing no signs of any werewolf traits, which as you know was a concern since birth. He is so much like his parents; I know that they would be proud. I see his father in his eyes each day when I look at him. I invite you to come and visit whenever you like, my door is always open to you.




With love, 


Andromeda Tonks




Harry read and re-read the letter and felt a sense of joy as he watched the baby tug at his toy wolf.


“Teddy’s doing alright then?” Mrs.Weasley asked eyeing Harry suspiciously.


“Yes…yes he is,” said Harry. Harry tucked the picture and note into his pocket, and began to think of his role as a godfather. He felt a sense of pride knowing that he would have someone to look after, much to the same way his godfather looked after him. 


After dinner Harry made his way up to Ron’s room and placed the picture of Teddy into the photo album which shared the pictures of his parents, the last page was now filled with the picture of Teddy Lupin. Harry tucked his album safely to the bottom of his trunk. For the rest of the evening Harry felt a sense of joy and responsibility that fueled his decision. 


Later that night while everyone was preparing for bed, Harry decided that he needed to speak with Hermione. On the way down the landing Harry caught a glance of Ginny in the sitting room; she was allowing her mother to magically enlarge her school trunks to hold all of her new robes and supplies. As Ginny turned in the direction where Harry stood, Harry quickly retreated along side the shadow of the wall. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was secretly ignoring Ginny much in the same way Ron was ignoring Hermione.


This summer Harry had been there to comfort Ginny though the loss of her brother Fred, but had also made sure to stay distant. He had learned to ignore the dirty looks that she would shoot at him during dinner and kept close to either Ron or Hermione during the day, he didn’t dare be alone with her. He knew that when it came time to leave saying good bye would prove to be difficult. How could he explain how he felt about her, He wasn’t sure if he knew. He thought about her everyday and yet he stayed away from her. The more he thought about it, the more he rationalized his behavior. Everyone who had ever loved him had died for him; he wouldn’t allow this to be her fate. He had to protect her at all costs. This was Ginny's last year at Hogwarts and more than anything Harry wanted her to be happy and to make friends and have a normal life. He didn’t want her to worry about him or put herself in danger.


 Harry looked into the sitting room just long enough to notice that both Mrs.Weasley and Ginny had their backs to him; he took this chance to make a run for Ginny’s room where he was certain that Hermione would be. As he approached Ginnys room he saw Crookshanks though the open door. He was lying lazily on the floor beside Hermione who was placing large quills and parchment into a trunk. The room appeared to be  full with both Ginny’s and Hermione’s belongings. At the sight of Harry Hermione shut the trunk nearest to her with a snap and began rummaging through the closet and pulling out robes.


 “Harry if you’re trying to get me to stay, I've already made up my mind,” Hermione started, Harry took this as an inviting him to come in. He found an empty spot beside a huge trunk on Ginny’s bed. “You know how much, helping house elves means to me,” As she spoke Harry heard a slight crack in her voice.


“Hermione, I’m not trying to convince you to stay,” said Harry.


“You’re not?” asked Hermione. Harry thought she looked slightly disappointed.

“No I'm not,” said Harry.


“Well good,” said Hermione as she continued to arrange her things. “I just don’t get Ron,” she turned on Harry with fury. “He must know that I can’t stay here, that I have a family to think about.”


Harry remembered their adventure last year, how worried Hermione was when Ron left them in the forest and the form that the locket Horcruxes took when Ron finally destroyed it. He thought briefly of telling Hermione what he had seen, and what he thought was part of the reason for  Ron’s frustrations but thought against it. 


 “Ron...he…umm cares about you, you know,” said Harry, after he spoke he was caught of guard by the sudden burst of tears that out poured from Hermione. 


“Harry, I know,” chocked Hermione though tears. 


“Don't cry Hermione, please” said Harry trying to comfort her. “It will be alright, Ron will come around.”


“Harry, maybe I'm making a mistake,” said Hermione her eyes were beginning to turn red. 


“No, you're not making a mistake,” said Harry. “Look Hermione, I’ve been thinking,” Harry started in a calming voice “we’re not in Hogwarts anymore and Voldemort’s... well he’s gone for good. I think its time to start thinking about what to do next; you know finding jobs and all that. Even if we have to all split up for awhile I think it may be for the best,” said Harry.


 Hermione looked at him with glazed eyes “So you’re not upset with me then?”


“No,” said Harry, he hoped that she wouldn’t begin to cry again. “I came to talk to you because...well I don’t know how to tell Ron that I’m leaving tomorrow too,” said Harry.


 He watched as Hermione wiped her eyes with tissues that she summoned out of thin air.


“Where will you go?” said Hermione in a low drawn out voice of surprise.


Harry had given it a lot of thought but with increasing anxiety. The world seemed so much smaller without Ron and Hermione by his side and then he remembered Ginny, and the world became much smaller indeed.


“Number Twelve Grimmauld Place,” said Harry flatly.


“Harry, are you sure?” asked Hermione, “Deatheaters would have left all sorts of traps for you,” Hermione continued. Harry remembered what she was referring to. Last year Harry, Ron and Hermione had all hidden at Grimmauld Place It was their hide out for months until Yaxley, a DeathEater, had ridden back with them after they managed to brake into the Ministry of Magic. They were then forced to abandon Grimmaulds Place and seek refuge in the forest. Harry thought about Hermione’s words carefully and concluded that she was right. He couldn’t begin to think of all the hexes and curses that would be waiting for him upon his return to his godfathers house. 


“Maybe I should stay a little longer to help… I mean, I know a few new anti-jinxing spells maybe—” Hermione began but Harry cut in.


“I’ll write to the Ministry tonight,” Said Harry, “I’ll see if Kingsley can send an Auror to meet me there,” said Harry sternly. Harry had made up his mind weeks ago and he wasn’t about to turn back now. 


“Alright then,” Hermione said, as she placed her last dressing robe into the largest trunk beside Harry and closed it. “I’m going to Kings Cross with everyone else in the morning, if you’re leaving with all of use then I suggest you write to the Ministry right away.” said Hermione.


 Harry used some parchment of Hermione’s to write the letter to the ministry and attached it to Errol, a very old owl of the Weasleys, Harry hoped that it would get to its destination safely seeing as Errol was a very old and growing weaker by the day. After that Hermione made it a point to teach Harry a few of the anti-jinxing curses that she had learned from books that she had bought during the summer. 


 “ This one is good,  Banbardium Revealo,” said Hermione, as thin gray smoke shot out at the end of her wand and slowly drifted from the floor to the ceiling before thinning out and completely vanishing. “This should help identify any hidden curses or unfamiliar magic lurking around.” Performing spells with Hermione brought back brief memories of Dumbledore’s Army, Harry couldn’t help but notice Hermione’s mastery of anti-jinxing spells.


“Thanks a bunch Hermione, I think I got it,” said Harry stuffing his wand in his back pocket.


“Harry…” Hermione started. Harry watched as the worried look returned to her face. “You are one of the greatest wizards I know. You can handle anything I’m sure but I want you to promise me that you won’t take any chances. Don’t do anything dangerous without the Auror being present.”




“Hermione—” Harry began but was cut off again.


 “Promise me,” said Hermione.


“I promise,” said Harry.




After being taught a few more spells Harry made his way back up stairs to a disgruntled Ron who was sulking on top of his covers. As Harry entered the room Ron started in. 


 “Can you believe that Hermione is taking off tomorrow?” said Ron with frustration.


 “Like working at the Ministry will do her any good against death eaters,” said Ron. “I’ve heard that it’s even worse in Australia, all sorts of dark magic.” Ron continued.


Harry watched as Ron got up and began to pace the room. 


“Look Ron, Hermione is brilliant I’m sure that she can fend for herself for a bit and if your worried that she won’t ever come back I’m certain that after she’s…rrr…reforming laws and whatever else she’ll come back to Britain.” said Harry to Ron who was looking out of his window now and out onto the grounds. “Ron there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you—” Harry began but was cut off immediately. 


“Harry, I think that I’m in love her,” said Ron stopping mid pace to face Harry. “I want to tell her but...she’s leaving,” Ron continued. 


Harry felt his body turn ridged with the sudden change of topic. He knew that both Hermione and Ron harbored deep feelings for each other, but also knew that he was the absolutely wrong person to be giving advice about love. Harry knew what love was or at least he thought that he did. He had loved his parents though he never knew them, and he had loved his pet owl Hedwig, though Harry knew this wasn’t the type of love Ron meant, but then… for a moment Harry thought about Ginny.


Almost as quickly as the thought entered Harry’s mind it vanished. His attention was immediately drawn to a sharp tapping that Harry heard coming from the window. As Harry peered past Ron, he was able to identify a large brown barn owl carrying what appeared to be a big ball of gray and white fluff and a letter tucked tightly in its beck.  


Harry moved past Ron and lifted the window; as he did so, the large owl flew into the room dramatically and began to fly around in large circles above their heads. While doing so the owl dropped the large ball of fluff that Harry now recognized as Errol on top of Ron’s head.


“Oye!” Ron shouted as he began to make aggravated swipes at the large bird, which retreated from Ron’s grasp and hooted loudly as it continued to circle them. Ron’s owl Pig, who up until now was sitting placidly in his cage, was now jumping about and hooting loudly from the sudden commotion.


When the bird found Harry, it released the letter held in its beak. Harry made a grab for it and caught it mid-air. Screeching a few swear words Ron chased at the brown owl threateningly as it dashed toward the window and out into the nights sky. Seething with rage, Ron shut the window with a snap. Harry thought that he heard a few additional swear words under Ron’s breath.


“That bird is bloody insane!” exclaimed Ron as he rubbed the soft spot on top of his head. “I’ve never seen anything like it” said Ron. 


Harry looked at the covering of the letter which had an official seal from the Ministry. 


“Who would be sending you an Owl this late?” asked Ron  as he picked up Errol who had landed spread eagle on a large pile of robes in the corner of Ron’s room. “…and what’s’ he got Errol for?” Ron made his way to the owl cage which held Pig, and placed Errol inside. 


Harry knew who the letter was from. It had been little more then a few hours since Harry had sent his letter to the Ministry. He turned around quickly to see Ron distracted by Pig, who was now knocking water throughout the bottom of his cage. “Will you quit that,” said Ron trying to calm the overly zealous Pig. Harry read:


 Dear Harry


 I received your letter and I have arranged to dispatch one of our top Auror’s to our old headquarters and your home residence at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place at 11:00am tomorrow morning. I am happy to inform you that the Auror assigned to you is truly a specialist in the field. I am sure that you will find them most useful to you. 


Yours truly 




Minister of Magic

Harry tried to stuff the letter into his back pocket and out of sight from Ron, but it was too late,

“What’s that?”  Ron asked.

“It’s from the Ministry,” said Harry “Look, Ron there is something I need to tell you--” He had barley uttered the words when the bedroom door burst open. The shock of it all knocked Ron off his feet and onto a pile of robes in the corner; Harry quickly reached for his wand in reflex.


“Harry! What’s this I hear about you leaving tomorrow?” before them stood a very angry Molly Weasley, dressed in her sleeping robe and curlers, wearing a look of utter out rage. Closely followed behind her was a disgruntled Arthur Weasley . “Molly dear, come back to bed.”

“I will not!” Molly rounded on her husband. “You of all people! How can you let him go wondering off by himself when there are deatheaters on the loose?” Mrs.Weasley was seething with rage.

“He won’t be alone, he’ll be with an Auror, one of the best I might add,” said Mr.Weasley “I think Harry is old enough to make his own decisions,” Mr.Weasley continued.

  Harry felt a sense of relief as he watched Mr. Weasley stand his ground. He was actually on Harry’s side. Mrs. Weasley pulled away from her husband and approached Harry.  She had a motherly look about her when her face wasn't distorted with rage.  Harrys heart dropped once more as he heard the softness in her voice as she spoke. 

“Harry dear, you are family to us and I love you like I love my own sons…” Harry didn’t like the direction that this conversation was turning.  

“You don’t have to go you know, you are more then welcomed to stay here as long as you like.” Said Mrs. Weasley,  Harry felt apart of himself break as she spoke . The last person he would ever want to hurt was Mrs.Weasley.

“Thanks, thanks for everything…but I have to go. There are something’s that I want to figure out on my own.” said Harry. He knew how much Mrs. Weasley and everyone cared about him.  It hurt him more then any of them would understand to leave their side, because for Harry they were the only real family that he had ever known.

“If you’re sure,” said Mrs.Weasley.

“I am,” said Harry. There was silence in which Arthur looked upon his wife with great unease. 

“Alright Harry,” Mrs. Weasley pulled Harry close to her and gave him a hug that was only fitting for a mother with a big heart.  When she pulled away, Harry saw a tear trickle down her cheek, Arthur came to her side but Molly brushed him off, “I’m alright,” she said. 

“Harry I want you to stay safe and I expect you to be in bed this instance. You’ll have a big day in the morning.” With that she walked out of the room. Mr. Weasley shot him an apologetic look and followed quick behind her.

Harry let out a deep sigh of relief as he regained the feelings in his limbs which had gone numb.

“So you’re leaving too,” Ron had managed to pull himself up from the pile of robes he had landed on. “So that’s a letter form the Ministry,” said Ron, Harry could feel the rising tension.

“Yes,” said Harry.

“So it’s too much for you to tell your best mate that you’re leaving,” said Ron in rage.

 “Look Ron, Hermione is leaving. She has already gotten a job with the Ministry. I don’t know what I want do yet, but I think that Hermione was right about deciding to leave, I think we all need some time to try to figure things out. I think that it’s better this way.” said Harry. “I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

Ron sat down on his bed. Harry could hear him taking deep breaths.

“You’re right,” said Ron finally. “…ever since Hermione told us that she was leaving, I’ve been thinking about what I should do now that school is done with.” said Ron, Harry was shocked with Ron’s sudden change in Ron’s demeanor. “I’ve been thinking about helping George with his shop in London, he sent mum a letter, said he’s swamped and can use some help. What do you think?”

“That’s a great idea!” said Harry, trying to sound encouraging, but even happier to see that Ron wasn’t upset with him. “I’m sure he can use all the help he can get,” Harry added.

“…But what will you do?” Ron asked, looking at Harry with a look of concern.

“I'm not sure,” said Harry. He had know clue what he would do or what kind of job he could get. He had thought about being an Auror but hadn’t given it much thought since he arrived in the Burrow.

“I have plenty of gold left; It should hold until I can figure everything out.” said Harry.

“Well if you and Hermione are both leaving tomorrow, I should let George know that I will be in London in the morning,” said Ron.

Ron had written his letter to George whom he attached to Pig. The owl seemed more then ready for the job as he flew around happy to have something to do. “Right, take that to George will you,” said Ron, releasing the bird out of his window. With that they began to pack a small trunk of clothes for Ron. When they were done they began to pack the rest of Harry's things. Harry pulled his already half full trunk out from underneath his cot. With Ron’s help the two of them were finished in no time at all. When their trunks were fully packed both Ron and Harry retired to their beds.

“Do you think I should bring my poster,” said Ron from his bed.

“Huh,” said Harry automatically, as he pulled his night shirt over his head.

“You know, of The Chudley Cannons,” said Ron.

Harry had just finished putting on his bottoms and had lowered himself down to his cot when he glanced at the orange wall with zooming wizards.

“They haven’t won in ages; I don’t know why I still support them.” said Ron in a yawn. “I used to think that they would make a come back, Fred and George used to tease me about it.” Harry felt his stomach lurch at the mention of Fred’s name. It was almost impossible to talk about one twin without mentioning the other.

“I heard that they might be getting a new draft this season from the Daily prophet,” Ron continued, “Maybe they might be better this year and finally win one for a change,” said Ron pulling his covers up to his neck. Harry looked around the room, in the corner there was a poster with wizards zooming in out of it; dressed in all orange and black Qudditch robes.  Soon Harry heard deep snoring from Ron’s bed, as Harry rested his head on his pillow he too was fast asleep.

 In the morning there was light chaos. Percy had decided to come with them to Kings Cross Station, and was helping Hermione and Ginny bring their trunks into the kitchen. He used a spell which allowed him to pile their things neatly near the door.

“Thanks Percy dear,” said Mrs.Weasley giving her son a kiss on the cheek. She was frying eggs and bacon over the stove, and had already made a tower of pancakes for them all. “I don’t know when you all will have a good meal next; you all had better fill up now.”

Mr. Weasley had just arrived from outside and was beginning to make himself a plate of pancakes. “I have rented a van to get to London,” said Mr. Weasly with a grin, “They said it had automatic steering. Muggles are so resourceful, a car that can steer itself?” said Arthur. Harry was getting ready to tell Mr. Weasley that muggle cars can’t steer themselves. Which he was sure would crush his spirit but was caught of guard as Ginny walked into the room. Her long red hair was resting along her shoulders and Harry had never seen her look more beautiful, when she turned to look at him, Harry forced himself to stare down at his pile of pancakes.

“Ginny dear, eat up, I have your lunch here,” Mrs. Weasley said. Gesturing towards a paper bag, “We are to be at Kings cross station before 11:00am,” She turn to Ron. “George is meeting us there, so remember to mind your brother, do what he asks of you and stay out of trouble.” Ron choked and bacon flew out of his mouth. “AND mind your manners,” Mrs. Weasley snapped.

“I'm not the one you should be worried about,”Ron said under his breath. Ginny laughed but stopped when she saw the look that Ron was giving her.

“Why has Harry got all of his things packed?” Ginny asked suddenly gesturing towards Harry’s trunk. Harry forced himself to stare at his plate even though he could feel his face burning from the gaze of Ron and Hermione.

“Harry’s leaving dear,” said Mrs. Weasley, as she scooped more helpings of bacon onto his plate. “I thought he was staying here, where will he go?” Ginny asked. Hermione elbowed Harry deep in the ribs. “You didn’t tell her?” said Hermione though greeted teeth.

“Have you two got everything?” Mr.Weasley asked, gesturing towards Harry and Hermione, they both nodded. “Okay then, I think we should be off." said Mr. Weasley, as he took a sip of tea and made his way to the front porch. Harry ignored the looks that both Hermione and Ron was giving him as he got up from the table.


“Don’t worry Ginny, he didn’t tell us until last night.” said Ron. Harry looked at Ginny, but didn’t have the nerve to say anything. He had never seen her look so upset with him.

“Come on you all, we haven’t got much time left.” Arthur had come back in the kitchen and grabbed Ginny’s trunks. As they made their way to the van, Harry noticed that it was as large as a small bus. “Not to worry, I didn’t tamper with it; this van should be big enough to hold all of your things.” said Mr. Weasley as he put Ginny’s trunks into the back of the van and reached to put Harry’s in next.

“This van looks big enough to hold a small army,” said Ron as he handed his trunk to his father. After Harry explained to Mr.Weasley that automatic steering meant that he would still have to drive, he found a place beside Hermione in the van, and slide the door shut. Once Mrs.Weasley had entered the van they were off. The van ride was rather silent except for the whispers from Hermione.

“I can’t believe that you didn’t tell her,” said Hermione again, as she knubbed him in the ribs.

“Will you quit that!” said Harry. Percy had turned on them with a glare. “You two had better behave back there,” said Percy “good thing I’ve come.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice the smugness in Percy’s voice had returned. Ginny who was sitting next to him however did not turn around. Her arms were folded and she remained looking forward. When they had finally reached the station chaos had formed again.

“I don’t think that I should take him with me,” said Hermione as she held the purring Crookshanks. “Will you look after him for me... just until I come back,” said Hermione as she handed the purring Crookshanks to Ginny. Ginny took the cat who continued to purr happily at having the continued affection. “Don't worry Hermione, I’ll look after him,” said Ginny with a smile and for the first time since they had left the Burrow her eyes had met Harry’s.

“I think I should get on now.” said,Ginny “Good-bye,” she said, as she hugged her mum and dad and began to push her trunk towards, the train. “Bye Ginny, take good care.” said Hermione though a strained voice.


“Go after her,” Ron mouthed as he pushed Harry forward with so much force Harry’s nose had barely missed the back of Ginny’s head. Harry worked to stop himself from falling on top of her.

“Ginny,” Harry said in a feeble voice. She continued toward the train. “Ginny,” Harry said again in a much stronger voice. Ginny turned around.

“Look Ginny, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that I would be leaving the Burrow,” Harry was trying to find the courage to face her.

“Is that what you think that’s I’m upset about?” said Ginny.

“Well yea,” said Harry absolutely, with that Ginny gave him a look of rage and began to walk toward the train again.

“Ginny wait,” said Harry again as he ran in front of her to block her from walking onto the platform.

“Get out of my way,” said Ginny as she made to get around him.

“Why are you so upset,” Harry said.

“You’ve barely said two words to me since you’ve came back to the Burrow.” Ginny rounded on him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too...I mean... I'm just sorry okay,” said Harry in a pleading voice,

“I didn’t want to hurt you,” Harry continued, at this, Ginny's face turned red as if she had just been insulted.

“If you don't like me all you had to do is say so,” said Ginny.

The sight of her ripped at Harry’s heart, her eyes were beginning to water and the last thing Harry wanted was for her to cry.

“It’s not that,” said Harry, he wanted to tell her how he felt about her. He wanted to tell her that he thought about her everyday, and ever night. She had to know how he felt, he had never said it, but she had to know it. Harry willed himself to find the words, but nothing came out.

“If you weren’t trying to hurt me, that’s exactly what you've done.” said Ginny as she turned away from him, Harry made to reach for her to pull her close to him, but she pulled away.

“What are you so afraid of?” said Ginny, as she spoke the train whistle rang out issuing for everyone to get on board. Harry didn’t know what to say to fix what he had done. He was being pushed from the crowd that surrounded him, from students trying to get on board. When he was finally able to focus on Ginny again she stood in front of him. She held Crookshank close to her.

“When you figure it out let me know,” said Ginny as she walked away from him,

“Ginny wait,” Harry made to grab her arm but she turned around sharply. “Until you can figure it out... I'm sorry too.” said Ginny as she stepped onto the platform. Her words stinging Harry like a dagger in the chest. As the train took off Harry turned around to see both Ron and Hermione standing not too far behind him.

“I’m sorry Harry,” said Hermione.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean it,” said Ron who sounded seriously upset. But Harry barely noticed him, as he watched the train head off into the distance. Harry felt as though time had just stopped. The thought of Ginny was the only good thought that had filled his mind all summer and now that too was all over,.

Harry could hear both Hermione and Ron speaking to him, but he wasn’t listening, he couldn’t think. He had barely even noticed the tall figure that had suddenly appeared behind them.

“Hermione? Hermione Granger?” A voice spoke out. Harry turned around. The voice belonged to a young man barely older then he was. He had neat blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked tan like someone would look after a week’s vacation on an island and had a muscular build; Harry was briefly reminded of Cedric Diggory only this figure was dressed in professional attire. Everything on him looked neat and well placed. Hermione turned around on her heels.

“I’m Hermione Granger,” she said.

Ron looked from her to the figure with nothing more then shock.

“Well hello there,” The young man had given them all a big smile which made his otherwise serious exposition look, in Harry’s opinion rather down to earth.

“I’m Chadwick Spellington, however you can call me Chad. I believe my sister has informed you of an escort?” Chad said surveying them all.

“Your sister?” said Hermione, in owe.

“Samantha Spellington, Chief of Magical law.” said Chad in a matter of fact tone.

“Your sister is my boss?” asked Hermione.

“Yes, your boss and my boss as well,” He said watching the expression on her face with a smile.

“There’s nothing to worry about, she’s really nice and I’ll be the one showing you the ropes before you get started.” said Chad.

  At this Ron made a chocking noise, which seemed to go unnoticed by everyone except Harry who began patting him on the back.

“…and you’re Harry Potter I assume,” said Chad giving Harry the same big smile he had given to Ron and Hermione. “I am very pleased to meet you,” said Chad, as he put a hand out to Harry.

“errh...Likewise,” said Harry as he shook the extended arm. Chad had turned back to Hermione.

“You put in your application that you wanted to work with magical creature law, you mentioned that you wanted to come up with ways to improve the standard of living for magical creatures and halfards?” to this Hermione nodded and turned an awkward shade of pink.

“Well that’s something I’ve been trying to do for quite sometime now, if you can handle working for the Ministry, I’m sure we will get along fine.” said Chad  at this  Hermione blushed.

Harry turned to look at Ron who looked as though he was about to be sick. 

“Alright Chadwick!” Mrs. and Mr. Weasley  along with Percy were wheeling toward them with the remaining of Hermione, Ron and Harry’s trunks. “I see you have already met Hermione,”

“Hello Arthur,” said Chad.

“Are these your trunks?” Chad asked Hermione gesturing toward Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Hermione seemed to be in a trance but was jerked back to reality as Harry nudged her.

“Oh no, only the bottom two,” said Hermione as Chadwick made his way towards Mr. Weasley and shook hands.

“Hermione,” Ron began.

“Oh so your speaking to me now,” said Hermione, with a half smile.

“Hermione, I’m sorry for being…upset with you this past week, I just want you to know that,” Ron added looking down at the plat form. Ron who always looked of certain shabbiness looked particularly un-groomed on this day. From head to foot Chadwick was well groomed and neat, Harry noticed that he had on brand new black dress shoes that looked freshly polished as Harry looked down at Ron’s shoes he noticed that they were both untied and dirty. As he looked at Ron’s pants he couldn’t help but to notice that they were ripped with dirt and grass stains on the knees from playing Quidditch with Harry in the back of the Burrow.

“Apology accepted,” said Hermione as she gave Ron a hug and kissed him on the cheek. Harry watched as Ron’s face turned red.

“So you’re really leaving with this dumb bloke then?” said Ron, still pink in the face and looking toward Chad with malice.

“He’s not dumb,” said Hermione who looked toward Chadwick who seemed to be in a deep conversation with Mr.Weasley.

 “Who’s that big git talking to dad?” Two figures had suddenly appeared behind Ron. It was George, along side him was Angelina Johnson. Hermiones face turned red with embarrassment.

“That’s Hermione’s new boyfriend.” said Ron with intent.

“He is not my boyfriend,” said Hermione, turning a deeper shade of red.

“She’s been goggling at him this whole time,”said Ron.

“Look Ron, if you’re going to act jealous every time anyone shows me any attention, then you know how to fix that don’t you?” asked Hermione surveying Ron.

“What are you talking about?” said Ron who looked trully confused.

“Oh forget it.” said Hermione, Chadwick was coming back towards them with Hermione’s trunks dangling from both arms.

“I think we should get going now.”

“Oh yes of course,” said Hermione walking towards Chad. She stopped suddenly and turned in Harry’s and Ron’s direction, with both arms she pulled them in with a hug. “Be safe you both.”

“You to,” said Harry.  

“I will write you both as soon as I get settled in,” Hermione had given one more glance at Ron before she turned to meet up with Chadwick.  She wrapped her arms around Chadwick so that he could perform a side along apparition.

“Good-bye,” said Ron but it was too late, Hermione had vanished.

“Ron, why didn’t you tell her how you really felt about her?” said Harry.

“For the same reason you didn’t tell Ginny how you felt about her!” said Ron, with an equal about of boldness.

“So little Ronny has a crush on Hermione,” George sniggered

“Shut up George,” said Ron.

“Ron you’re going to stay with us at my families’ house. Lee Jordan is already there. I’m afraid it’s the best we can do until me and George find a place in London. ” said Angelina. “And thanks again for wanting to help we really need you.”

Ron made to grab his trunk from his parents while Mrs.Weasley gave George another bone breaking hug. “Easy mum,” said Ron as George gasped for air.

“You look after your little brother,” Mrs.Weasley said as she released George. 

“I'm not little mum,” said Ron as Mrs. Weasley wiped a smug from his nose.

“He’ll be fine,” said George. 

“Let me know if you run into any problems,” Mrs. Weasley said looking at the three of them with concern.

“No worries,” said George.

“It’ll be alright,” said Ron, looking at his mother who shook her head approvingly.

“Alright then you three take care.” said Mrs. Weasley, as the three of them disappeared. Mr. Weasley put an arm around his wife. “Your next then Harry,” Mr. Weasley said as he handed Harry his trunk.

 “Now remember focus on your destination and let your body follow it.” said Percy. The last time that Harry had apparted on his own, he had managed to carry Dumbledore from a Cave in the middle of know where all the way to Hogsmead. Harry closed his eyes and thought of his destination of his new home, the place where he would have spent his time with his Godfather had he been alive, the place where he, Hermione and Ron had spent months trying to figure out a plan to break into the Ministry. He could see it in front him. He could remember how the front door looked. It was as if Harry’s whole body was sucked into a vacuum. He was moving though the air, a swirl of colors and light, He was spinning and then the next moment... He had arrived; he was standing in front of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place.