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For the rest of the night, Harry sat alone in Ron’s room, thinking about what could have caused the sudden change in George’s behavior.  In the morning George and the events of the evening before was still on everyone’s mind. 

 Mrs.Weasley had decided to take Ginny to Diagon Alley for the day to get the remainder of her school things and had left Harry, Ron and Hermione alone. Unfortunately for them, even in her absence Mrs. Weasley had still managed to assign them each a long list of chores to do around the house. Harry thought this was to keep them busy and if at all possible to distract them.

 After Harry reorganized his old school trunk and helped Ron clean his room, they made their way to the garden where Hermione appeared to be feeding the plants. 
As they approached Harry noticed that she was holding a rather large bowl of pudding and was attempting to force feed a rather large sun flower that was whining for chocolate cake instead. When she had finished, Hermione ran into the Burrow to clean up and Harry and Ron stayed behind and began to discuss the events of the previous night. 

“Well its obvious isn’t it?” said Hermione after coming through the back door. She was clutching an abnormally large book entitled: The Secret Magic of Halfards, House Elves and Goblins. She sat beside Harry on the lowest step of the porch while Ron walked around them kicking rocks hidden in the grass. “He doesn’t want to upset anyone by showing how upset he really is.” Hermione continued. 

“I don’t know Hermione,” said Ron as he kicked a chunk of dirt high into the air, Harry watched as it hit a wondering garden gnome with a thud. “You saw him at Fred’s funeral, he didn’t look sad at all, I even saw him cracking jokes and setting off dung bombs with Uncle Lancelot.” said Ron, Harry noticed the change in Ron's voice at the mention of Fred’s funeral. 

“Fred wouldn’t have wanted everyone sad at his funeral…” Harry said finally with a sudden rush of guilt, talking about Fred tugged at his insides in a way that was all too familiar for him. There was a long pause and Harry could feel Ron and Hermione staring at him. Finally it was Ron who broke the silence after gazing at Hermione with a look of perplexities; it was as though he was trying to figure out a difficult math problem.

“Hermione…?” Ron started, “what were you trying to tell us last night at dinner?” Ron finished, but Hermione did not break away from her book.  Harry could tell that she wasn’t really reading and felt confused by the lack of response. 

“Oh…right,” Hermione said finally. She began to rummage though her pockets before finally pulling out a perfectly folded piece of parchment and handing it to Ron. “I received this yesterday morning, it’s from the Ministry,” she said. 

Harry watched as Ron’s face was suddenly stricken with horror.  

“I was going to tell you, but I knew that you were going to over react—” Hermione began but was cut off suddenly by Ron.

“You’re leaving?” asked Ron, the letter that he was clutching fell to the ground. Feeling utterly confused Harry picked up the parchment and read:

Dear Hermione Granger,
We are pleased at your prompt response to our opening at the Department of International Law. With immediate positions needing to be filled we feel that you are highly qualified for the position as head assistant to the Chief of Magical Law. We will send our head employee to help with your arrival via apparition in our office located in Australia. They will meet you in Kings Cross station. September 1st 11:00 a.m. sharp


Yours Truly

Samantha Spellington
Chief of Magical Law
Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement
International Division

Harry looked at Ron, who said nothing. It was Hermione who broke the silence yet again as she took the parchment from Harry. 

“Well, you all know how much I’ve always wanted to change the conditions of house elves and the mistreatment of magical creatures by the wizarding world,” said Hermione in a more pleading tone as she continued to watch Ron’s shocked expression. “When I found out about this position with the ministry, I had to apply, I’ll be working to help change the wizarding laws,” Ron looked at her with a pained expression. “Equal rights for all magical creatures,” said Hermione, closing her book.

“HOW COULD YOU AGREE TO THIS?” shouted Ron and both Harry and Hermione jumped. By the look on Hermione’s face Harry could tell that Ron had done the wrong thing by shouting. Hermione stood up from the step, seething with anger. 

“I should have known that you wouldn’t understand.” said Hermione raising her voice and clutching her book so tight that the sides of her knuckles turned white. Ron looked at her with disbelief. “You don’t care if Magical creatures are suffering all over the world” She continued, “and you’ve never wanted to see house elves freed!” 

“Oh, you’re bloody bright aren’t you?” said Ron finally and Harry was glad to see the look of shock was now absent from his face. “Hermione, this isn’t about house elves,” said Ron. “If you can’t remember we just spent months in the forest rummaging about trying to find Horcruxes and barley made it out alive trying to bring down You Know Who and now you want to run off to Australia!” Harry watched as Ron looked at Hermione pleadingly. “You heard what Mum and Dad said last night there are still death eaters on the loose, why can’t you just stay here where it’s safe?” There was a pause in which Harry watched as Hermione’s face appeared to soften. 

“Don’t be silly,” she said shortly, “My parents are still in Australia, they will be happy to know that they have a daughter again,” said Hermione. Harry watched as Ron appeared to be growing increasingly red in the face and looked as though he were about to become ill. 

“Hermione…” Ron began. Harry didn’t know what was coming, but Ron was staring up at the sky and for a moment Harry thought that he looked as though he wanted to flee, he opened his mouth, but nothing came out, he tried again, still nothing. Hermione was staring at him, almost as confused as Harry felt. There was a long silence and the next moment Ron turned deep red.

“Forget it, do what you want,” said Ron, his face red and seething. He pushed past them into the Burrow. 

“I don't understand him!” said Hermione her face red with rage. “He must know that I can't stay here forever.” Before Harry could utter a word Hermione ran up the steps after him. “Ron, wait!” said Hermione. “Don’t be upset,” Harry heard her call after him from inside the Burrow. 

Hermione had left the parchment on the steps and Harry picked it up to read again.  It wasn’t until Harry read the letter for the third time that he actually realized that Hermione was really leaving. She was going to work for the ministry. The thought seemed foreign and unusually strange. Harry now understood Ron’s reaction. For the first time every Harry knew that they would be going in separate directions. 

Harry sat on the step for a moment longer and looked up at the open sky; a breeze had come and rushed past his face while ruffling his hair. It was in that moment that Harry felt peace for the first time since the Battle, it was fleeting but calm. Harry knew that Hermione had made the right decision. He didn’t know what the future held for him, or what he would do, but he know that his life was about to change into unfamiliar ground.  Time was passing by and he knew what he would have to do soon