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“It’s been a long day Harry,” began Marla.  “Maybe we should finish this conversation in the morning," Harry wanted to argue. He wanted to demand for Marla to give him answers. Answers to what seemed like a million riddles. Who was this mysterious girl that had met him at his grandfather’s house? Not wanting to seem like a complete wimp Harry collected himself once more and began to make his way towards his bedroom.


“Missy and I will sleep here if you don’t mind,” said Marla.


“…Yeah, that’s— sure that’s fine,” said Harry.  


“Good night than,” said Marla. Harry glanced back once more; Marla however was already making up the cushions of the sofa into a makeshift bed. 


“Night,” said Harry under his breath. 


Harry walked down the hall. He passed the now frozen portrait of Mrs. Black who still seemed to keep her menacing glare even without the effort of screaming at him. Harry touched the aged oil of the painting. Harry didn’t know how Marla did it. Sirius must have tried to remove this painting a million times. Harry reckoned that Dumbledore might have even tried with no luck. He made a mental note to ask Marla how she did it in the morning as he made his way up the next flight of stairs to his bedroom. 


To his surprise Kreacher had already made his bed and unpacked his things.  Harry let out a small sigh of relief. He didn’t want to admit it but Harry felt mentally exhausted. He felt as though someone had drained the energy out of him. Harry made his way to his bed and sat down gently. The room looked exactly the same as when he lasted stayed here. Though the room still seemed vacant and cold, his things seemed to add life to it. Someone did indeed live here. He lived here now. 


Turning out the lights, Harry pulled his sleeper lazily over his head; and finally rested his head on his pillow. 


When he closed his eyes he imagined a fleet of house elves chasing him down the street shouting “You are our last hope.”  Harry fought to escape them. “I’m not,” thought Harry. 


 It wasn’t long before Harry allowed himself to drift into a deeper sleep.

He was at the top of Hogwarts Tower, Hermione and Ron was on both sides of him. Curses were flying overhead. Large pieces of the castle broke off in every direction. The air was filled with dust. Harry struggled to breathe but fired back randomly as spells flew past his head. He held his wand firm as curses flew from Deahteaters that he could not see. He dogged curse after curse that the Deahteaters sent his way. He scanned the debris and finally spotted him. Rookwood stood in the distance.  To the left of him Harry spotted Fred. Harry shouted a protective charm, a shield. He needed for Fred to be protected. He needed for Fred to get out of the way. 

Time seemed to move in slow motion. Harry felt Mrs. Weasley tears trickle down his face. He felt her pain in the pit of his chest. He needed his charm to work, but it didn’t. It was too late. Fred was blasted out of sight as large pieces of the ceiling caved in around him. 

Harry fell to his knees defeated as everything turned dark and cold around him. Harry knew that this was the end that he had been waiting for. He was going to meet the same fate as his parents. The pain in his chest hammered his entire body into the ground. His breathing became slow and shallow. The end was near and he felt it. He welcomed it. He wanted Mrs. Weasley’s pain to go away.  He wanted all of the pain that he caused all of his friends to vanish with is death. That he could trade his life so that they wouldn’t bear it anymore.  As Harry began to vanish under the debris he spotted a faint light in the distance. It started out as only a faint flicker but than grew into a brilliant golden light. He used all of the strength that he had left in him to bring himself to his knees.  


 A girl with long curly hair drifted towards him. Within all of the darkness she was the only thing that Harry could see. She was dressed in white and gold and glittered like a golden star in a sky of darkness. She left a golden trail behind her as she made her way near the rubble that Harry now kneeled upon. Unexpectedly the girl knelt beside him and touched his hand. Harry felt the warmth of her touch extend to every crevasse of his body. He didn’t need to see himself to know that he too was glowing, radiating brilliantly in rhythm with her. Harry felt the pain in his chest subside, as the light forced it into the darkness.  “Its over now Harry,” said Marla with a smile. “We won?” asked Harry. Though he already knew the answer, this was the first time that he felt that it was real. The darkness and terror that Voldemort caused his friends and family was finally over. It ended with the debris of the castle. It ended with the life of his family and friends, it ended as dark as it began, but it was over. “Look up,” said Marla.  Harry looked up and saw the white snowy owl spread her wings out of the dust.


 Harry followed Hedwig out of the dust and into the sparkling gold path that Marla had left for him. The darkness disappeared behind him as Harry followed Hedwig further and further down the path. In what seemed like a short matter Harry found himself running on green grass. The sky overhead was blue and clear. Harry’s entire body was standing warm in the sun. When the trail ended Hedwig flew around happily, as Harry allowed the warmth enter his entire body. Harry knew that he must be in a dream, but it was a dream that he had waited for. 


Hedwig landed on Harry’s arm and nestled into his chest. “I’ve missed you too girl,” said Harry, “Where did you take us?” asked Harry. He looked around at what seemed to be a green field, and knew that he had been here before. “You took us back to the Burrow, but why?” asked Harry. Hedwig flew in the air again and Harry followed her. Hedwig lead Harry though the field and to the back gardens of the Burrow. As he approached the garden Harry’s heart began to pound against his chest as he spotted her. There on the back porch radiating in the sun stood Ginny. As Harry felt the breeze on his back he ran forward. Harry watched as Ginny looked out into the garden, expectantly. He ran faster, each step lighter than the first, each breathe easier than the last. With his heart threatening to reach her first he ran. When he reached the top step Harry scooped Ginny into his arms gently. He held her, and as he did he felt a sense of peace that he had never felt before. He felt a sense of the future that he could have never imaged, a future that he was just now able to conceive. He imagined a life with Ginny, a life without fear. He could love her and she could love him without the worry of Voldemort taking everything away. He ran his fingers though Ginny’s long red hair and allowed their lips to find each other. 


“I thought that I would wait forever,” whispered Ginny as she wrapped her arms around him. “How long will this last?” asked Ginny.

“I don’t know but I want this to last forever,” said Harry as he puller Ginny closer to him. “I love you.”